What an awesome opening weekend! The snow was super deep for early December and we broke trail into Area 51. Have a look at some of the pictures Denis took below. Nice work Denny!
Found some rad photos from last season, thought I'd put them up for some motivation. They look to be all shot by Denis and it looks like mostly in Revy. Enjoy.
Today we interviewed the best rider in the history of snowmobiling (Chris Burandt) and he stated that Ski-Doo approached him this year with a check for $50 million to ride the Freeride in just one video. 

Burandt promptly stated that even if they put Polaris stickers all over it it was still a giant piece of shit. He then went on an uncomfortable ramble stating that "Every single thing about the Ski-Doo Freeride was the absolute worst engineering that he's ever seen amongst ANY industry". He was blown away that they would issue a "Snowwhite" model etched with pieces of lime green and call it there top model!! He was quickly interrupted by Ski-Doo's president who declared that it has "definitely been there top seller among women over 40". "They just love how quiet the E-tec is and how it is extremely unproven after just one season". 

I'm not sure if he thought that would be a selling feature but it seems as though it's working as it has definitely targeted the middle age men that enjoy spending too much money. Either way when the president was asked what he will be riding this season he stated "The Pro RMK" of course. "It is the machine we have been trying so hard to emulate for many years now".

- Chris

If you currently live under a rock and aren't quite sure what a face shot is, have a look at this short clip.
On Friday May 10th, 2013 the lives of Lara, Brodie and Devon's changed drastically when an unfortunate accident took the life of one of the greatest guys I've ever known. Roly was an amazing friend to all of us but more importantly he was a dedicated, loving husband to Lara whom he loved deeply and a perfect father to little Brodie and Devon. Rolan had an impact on so many people's lives no matter if it was the first time you met him or if you'd known him for years. His wit and humor was contagious and he was always up for a new experience, trip or project.

I had so many memorable experiences with Rolan. Everything from building ramps and throwing Rollinstock parties when we were young to spending time around the bonfire in the Shuswaps with our families. Rolan built my shop for my first business in 1999, he was one of my groomsmen in 2003 and he was one of my favorite bros to go sledding with. I can't imagine the pain that Lara and the boys will feel for years to come but hopefully we can always look at a picture or video of Rolan and smile (or laugh hysterically) since absolutely every moment anyone spent with him was exciting, comical and memorable.

I wanted to post this page in memory of Rolan and also as a place that friends and family can post a comment or tell a story about their experiences with Roly. If you have any pictures you'd like to add please submit them below or send them to flemko@mac.com and I will upload them. I've started with a few photos but I have many more I will be posting.
- Justin

Also, for those that could not attend the funeral, the family would love any donations for the boys (Brodie and Devon) to be sent to:
Granddad - Dave Beattie
P.O. Box 204
Christina Lake, BC
Max file size: 20MB
What is your maintenance program? Rinsing off your sled and filling it with gas? I'm sure that's about all the majority of people do. But the saying "A little bit of maintanence goes a long way" pays huge dividends in the world of sledding.

There are a few guys in our crew that typically take their sleds back to the dealer every fall for yearly maintenance, which is completely fine but to me you really get to know your sled if you're taking care of things yourself. I recently had my diamond drive pile up on me so I guess proper maintenance doesn't always save everything. That is the one major component of an Arctic Cat that can be easily maintained and should last the life of the sled with proper maintenance. I also had a throttle cable go on me which really should not have any maintenance but is just part of the joys of sledding.

I have compiled a short list of regular and yearly maintenance items I do on my current sled but obviously these will differ based on manufacturer.

- Grease all points with temp rated sled grease.
- Change the plugs.
- Change the Diamond Drive oil.
- Inspect coolant.
- Inspect the belt.
- Inspect and usually change the carbides.
- Inspect the runners.
- Check the pressure of the Fox Float shocks.
- Check the brake pads and clean the disk.
- Check track tension.

All Winter:
- Since my Diamond Drive failed I check the level and color after every weekend riding.
- Keep everything clean.
- Check Fox Float pressures.
- Inspect the engine for any gasket leaks.
- Usually change the plugs half way through the season and grease nipples.

- Typically drain the gas tank and fog the intake.
- Clean everything good including the engine bay.
- Do a general inspection for any minor damage that may have occurred.

Here's acouple shots from a great day we had in Fernie. Al toured us around and we found an amazing spot to run snowboard/ski lines. Thanks Al.
Here's a couple pictures from our trip to Trout Lake. Even though the visibility was a little shatty we still had an awesome time and the snow was unreal. I have some swett video of the Elf swim-dancing in the kitchen but I'll save that for a later date.
- Justin.
How many times have you told your buds that the Superclamp is all you need.  "You don't need to tie down the rear end." "What a waste of time." I've been foolishly saying it for years, especially with my sled deck. I don't think I've ever tied it down!

This past weekend it finally caught up with me and luckily it turned out to be a comical experience not an expensive one (like this tractor we passed outside of Golden).

The twins, Dan and I had an awesome day at McRae with unbelievable early season snow and with it being opening day at RMR we had the place completely to ourselves.

On the drive out we must have been bullshitting a bit too much and probably driving a little fast but once we hit pavement we realized we were light one sled... and we had been for 16 bloody km's!! I still can't believe we didn't notice anything. Good thing it fell off where it did, it could have been an ugly recovery. 

Thanks for the recovery help fellas.

If you haven't tried an electric skateboard you should probably do yourself a favor and get on one. The one I'm riding below in Revy is an Altered off road model but it crapped out on me and the service from Altered was non-existent. I would have a look at what E-Glide offers as our new E-Glide GI boards with the lithium batteries are pretty damn sweet. Have a look here for more comprehensive review.

Either way, take a look below, G and I came across a black bear on the bike path while messing around.

- Justin